DRACO tera enterprise | 480 Series | KVM Switch

Cat-X / Fiber KVM Switch for DVI, HDMI, USB, Audio and RS-232

•    288 Port HD-KVM
•    160 Port HD-KVM
•    80 Port HD-KVM
•    48 Port HD-KVM 


The Draco tera enterprise hybrid fiber/cat-x switch matrix offers advanced features for large scale KVM class signal routing such as instant switching and flex-port technology allowing any port to act as either a CPU (TX) or Console (RX) depending on the connected device.  The Draco tera enterprise is ideal for the space constrained work areas such as mobile production, production studios or command and control environments. Each switch matrix can be populated in groups of 8 ports in either fiber or cat-X.  Additionally, the switch matrix can be populated as a full fiber, full cat-x or a mix of fiber/cat-x based on custom requirements.  The switch matrix supports an endless possibility of HDMI, DVI, SDI, HD-SDI, Dual Link DVI, USB, audio and serial interfaces.

With the tera enterprise flex-port technology each I/O port can be configured as an input or output thus reducing the requirement for dedicated port configuration. Once a Draco extender is connected, it is clearly defined with an identification number (ID) to assign the device as a CPU (TX) or console unit (RX).

IHSE USA’s advanced control interface allows a wide range of operations for OSD (on screen display), Browser based JAVA applications or RS-232 control. For systems requiring third-party control, the IHSE USA control protocol is compatible with popular 3rd party control systems.  

Key features and benefits

Space, power and cost savings
*  Hybrid routing options – configure with Cat-X, Fiber or any combination of both
*  Hot swappable modules – update or repair without powering down system
* Redundant power- add up to two additional backup power supplies for load sharing

Ideal for large studio and mobile production
* Simplified cable management
* SFP option modules allow KVM or SDI capabilities in the same frame
* High density fiber allows efficient cabling and lower weight
* Combine DVI, HDMI, USB, Audio and RS-232 in the same frame

Superior signal integrity
* No-delay switching times with IHSE’s Instant Switch technology
* Flex-port technology for auto-sensing and mapping of attached extender devices
* Build systems with single, dual or quad-display in the same frame
* High performance backbone supports resolutions up to 2560 x 1600
* Support for DVI, DL-DVI, HDMI, USB, embedded USB, Audio, and RS-232
* SFP option supports SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G-SDI formats

Scalable control system to build larger systems
* Agnostic port assignments can be configured from 1 to X or X to 1 (x= total ports -1)
* Setup systems in rectangular or square switch configurations
* Add up to 16 matrices controlled with IHSE Matrix Grid Control Software

Ultra efficient design
* Front loading interface cards, power supplies and control cards
* Critical operations supported with redundant power and redundant path options
* Local monitor, keyboard and mouse connections for system monitoring
* Build systems in blocks of 8 ports per interface card

Incredible control system flexibility
* Use the built-in Draco tera OSD (On Screen Display) for standalone configurations
* Build the optimum system with pre-bundled control software options
* Easy to read GUI mapping icons for fast and accurate switch settings
* Remote upgrade installations via Draco tera tool software
* Four security levels for customized user rights assignment
* OSD Anywhere control for direct access via hot-key commands



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