For all IHSE products, the IHSE EOL notice period is a minimum of 1 year. Thereafter we offer a 5 year service and repair period on original products. Alternative and compatible products are generally available for replacement purposes if required. In addition, longer service and repair services may be offered on some products.

Draco extender and Draco tera matrix series products are currently in full production and are expected to be in continuous production for at least the next 5 years. Thereafter, we intend to have follow-on technology in place which will be backward compatible Draco technology.

This will ensure a minimum of 10 years of service and repair. Our ability to produce and support products is, however, subject to future component availability.


ProductTypeEnd-of-LifeReplacement product
Draco minor          Matrix-Switch        July 1, 2016       Draco tera compact, 8 Port         
Draco major Matrix-Switch July 1, 2016 Draco tera compact
DSXi DVI Extender July 1, 2016 Draco vario
DDXi DVI Extender July 1, 2016 Draco vario
DXXi DVI Extender July 1, 2016 Draco vario
VTO/VRO VGA Extender July 1, 2016 Draco vario

If you have any questions regarding the platforms, operating systems or IHSE products or need a suitable replacement product, we will be pleased to assist. Call us at +1 732 738 8780 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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