K238 Series | VGA to DVI converter

Converter series


For a long time VGA was the dominating graphics standard for computer applications. In the VGA interface three (coaxial-) cables transmit the colour informations R (red), G (green) and B (blue). Two additional conductors transmit the synchronisation signals HSYNC and VSYNC.

Meanwhile flat screens have become the new standard. Flat screens don´t work using an electron beam which have to be modulated in order to display different bright pixels on the screen, but need the video information in a digital form instead. By different "rotations" of a liquid crystal (LCD=Liquid Crystal Display) different brightness of pixels can be achieved. From there it was just a small step to graphics adapters which were able to provide graphics data digitally - the hour of birth of DVI graphics adapters. For some time flat screens where able to handle both digital and analogue graphics data, DVI and VGA, by converting VGA signals to DVI internally. If you want to use a pure DVI-D KVM Extender or flat screen, which has only a DVI-D input, you need the VGA to DVI converter.



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