IHSE USA debuts flexible Repeater / Cross-Repeater for Fiber and CATx Extenders

INFOCOMM – June 16, 2009 – IHSE USA, LLC, a leading provider of DVI and KVM extender solutions will introduce the new DVXi-RCR (Repeater/Cross-Repeater) for the DVXi line of extenders at Infocomm 2009, June 17-19. This single device can be configured as either a basic signal repeater or as a media format converter for either CATx or Fiber. As a repeater, the compact package allows expanded cable length for CATx, Multimode or Singlemode fiber; and, as a cross-repeater, allows for CATx to Multimode fiber, CATx to Singlemode fiber, or Multimode to Singlemode conversion. The DVXi-RCR is configurable as a signal repeater allowing up to twice the normal cabling distance when positioned in the middle of the cable link. When they are used as a paired system, the DVXi-RCR local unit is configured to convert CATx cable links to either multimode or single mode fiber and then returned back to CATx at the remote unit. For applications where mixed fiber cabling is used, a pair of DVXi-RCR units can work as a multimode to single mode converter. This is perfect for applications where singlemode is used between buildings or locations and multimode is used for signal distribution throughout the building.

The DVXi-RCR compliments the wide range of IHSE USA’s DVXi extenders for DVI, KVM, USB, Audio, and Serial data. This device can also be used with the Draco™ family of DVI and KVM switchers and extenders. Devices can be extended up to 280m for CATx, up to 800m for multimode fiber, and up to 20Km for single mode fiber. Up to five devices can be mounted on a 1RU tray.

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IHSE GmbH is a leading manufacturer and innovator in DVI and KVM/Video extension solutions for CAT 5/6/7 and fiber optics. Supporting a worldwide market for commercial and government customers, IHSE products offer solutions for optimal performance in high end graphics for simulations, visualization, SCADA, and other long distance computer interfaces. Since 1984, IHSE has been developing new and innovative ways to support next generation products for video extenders, switchers, and signal management. IHSE provides sales and service through regional resellers and system integrators and is located in Oberteuringen, Germany. For more information, contact us at www.ihseusa.com

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